Metro Manila · Beating the Heat - the April Stammtisch

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Megacitizens from as far away as Brazil and Germany braved the heat in April to join the Megacitizen Stammtisch. They enjoyed cool drinks in the outside area of Giligan´s and talked about everything under the sun. 

The obvious question of the evening was: How do we survive the Philippine summer? For a quick refreshment, Megacitizens favor Magnum Ice Cream, a bottle of Tanduay Ice, or a cold Halo-Halo. To flee the melting city, the Stammtisch guests went to Baguio, Bangkok, Bicol, or somewhere in Malaysia this summer. 

Other topics this evening were museums in the Megacity, studying for the Bar exam, visa policies for China, Japan, and other countries, labor immigration, and opportunities of setting up a business in the Philippines.

The Megacitizens Stammtisch is a casual monthly get-together for the expats and citizens of Metro Manila. Come and join us, the May Stammtisch is already in the making! Contact us or like our Facebook page for updates!


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