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Frequently Asked Questions - and our Answers.

Can I contribute to your project, and how?

Everyone is welcome to send us content! This includes articles, pictures, videos and whatever you can think of! Of course, we have to check it, and maybe edit it a bit, but if it is good, we make sure it gets published!

Can I be listed as a contributor?

Sure! Not only that, if you contribute, your name will be put under the picture or article which you delivered!

Why are you guys doing that?

We all experienced how difficult it is to move to or live in a new city with spare information all over the Internet. We don't want that to happen to others as well.

I don't live in Manila but I would like to put something like Megacities up for my city, what can I do?

Send us an e-mail and we will support you.

I am shy, alone and live in Manila, what can I do?

Visit our Stammtisch.