Metro Manila · The Megacitizens

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Megacitizens are people like you and me. What distinguishes them from non-Megacitizens is that they are living, have been living or going to live soon in a Megacity. Living in a Megacity comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Living in a Megacity does not necessarily change you, but makes you a Megacitizen. The average Megacitizen is more concerned about the environment because he / she experiences air pollution first hand - Megacities are the places where pollution is worst. Megacitizens are also less likely to be friendly and hospitable - compared to their counterparts living in the countryside or non-Megacities. This might be caused by the higher rate of crime and the traffic situation in most Megacities. In average, Megacitizens also tend to be younger and more likely to be single than their counterparts.

A Megacitizen is not only affected by the environment (nature, traffic, crime) but also by the front-runner status of Megacities in terms of technologies and services. Technologies and services are most likely to first be deployed in the Megacities of a country, therefore Megacitizens are the first to experience them - as a blessing or burden. Megacities equal progress and progress comes with the cost of a faster-paced society and a higher rate of turn-over, hence transience. However, Megacitizens are enjoying the fasted Internet access, latest bring-home services and highest level of offered education.

No matter if you lived your whole life in a Megacity or spent some weeks there - you will know that you are one.