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We haven't forgotten the locals because they are Megacitizens too! Most of the people living in Megacity Manila are locals from all over the country. You can easily identify those born in the Megacity and those from outside Manila by asking them which province they are from. If they come from the province it basically means that they were born somewhere else and moved to the capital. Locals living in Manila are in average more liberal, more open-minded and have a higher proficiency in English compared to those living in other parts of the country.

Actually, there are only good things to report about the Local Megacitizens in Manila. Due to culture and background, Local Megacitizens are very warm, polite, welcoming, caring and will never say a bad thing about you.
Be prepared to meet people who enjoy hearing where you come from, offering to take you to their favourite places and choose the food and drinks for you. Filipino hospitality knows no bounds making interacting with them a rather unique experience. Don't forget to share stories, food and drinks with them. After all, we all live in the same Megacity, don't we?
Living in Manila and meeting locals is a great experience indeed.