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The Megacity Manila is home to a lot of international companies and therefore always hungry for (well-educated) professionals from all over the world. The investment climate has gradually improved in the last few years and therefore offers opportunities for international branches and start-ups as well. The two hindering factors for setting up your own company however are corruption as well as laws prohibiting foreigners to own the majority of shares in a Philippine company.

There is a vast amount of professionals working in the Megacity – either project-based or in permanent positions – between 1 and 3 or even more years. The Megacity is home to several international (non-governmental) organizations and hosts headquarters of the Asian Development Bank. It therefore attracts large numbers of experts every year. The contract-based experts are normally based in Manila between 3 months up to 1 year or even more. Those Megacitizens are used to travelling between different continents, countries and especially Megacities all around the world. They have been to various Megacities already and after their terms or contract has been finished, they will most probably continue their professional and private journey to yet another Megacity which is going to be their home for a couple of years.