Metro Manila · Valentine's Day (February 14)

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February 14 is that day of the year when dating gets a bit more flowery, sweet and cheesy than usual. The Megacity is all romantic with red signs everywhere, special offers and couples walking hand-in-hand through the streets. Valentine's Day is celebrated big time in Manila.

Totally freaked out because you 'kinda forgot' that it is Valentine's Day? As long as your desired date is still free tonight, don't worry, we'll help you. The Megacities guide to date on Valentine's Day. Assuming that you work in Makati, let's start and end the day there.

Step 1

Buy Flowers. Seriously. And: chocolates. It never gets old, outdated, cheesy or anywhere near that. Take a cab to Landmark and go to the supermarket in the basement. It is usually well-stocked and you will be able to pick some nice chocolates from all over the world and fresh flowers. If you prefer for more unique, handmade chocolates, pay a visit to Chocolate Fire in Salcedo Village.

Step 2

Make Reservations. It's always nice to have a good dinner, in the Philippines it is prerogative and on Valentine's Day it is simply a must. For the extra dose of romance, choose one of Manila's sky bars and rooftop restaurants.

If you prefer ground level, we recommend making a reservation at Barcino in Greenbelt (call (63) 2 501 3250). If still available, ask for the couch in the right hand corner of the restaurant. The Spanish restaurant with a large assortment of good wines and mouth-watering tapas will not let you down.

Step 3

More Reservations. After a good dinner, it's time to catch a movie. While you are in Greenbelt anyway, it does make sense to watch the movie there or in nearby Glorietta 4 Cinema. You can reserve tickets online at Fifty Shades Darker will surely be the blockbuster this Valentine's Day 2017.

Step 4

Dance the Night away or listen to some good live music. If you want to sit in a cozy atmosphere sipping some nice drinks, take a cab to 22 Prime/ Serenpidity Lounge in Discovery Suites.

Step 5

Enjoy Valentine's Day. For more Valentines events, have a look at our list of upcoming events.

Flower Street during Valentine's Day (Dangwa) - 1

February 14, 2013 - Dangwa Flower Market on Valentine's Day.

Flower Street during Valentine's Day (Dangwa) - 2

February 14, 2013 - Dangwa Flower Market on Valentine's Day.