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Have you been in the situation that you are traveling through the city and then you see an event you would really like to go to? You scan for a website where to buy tickets from and you only see the name of a mall or a Facebook fanpage but have not idea where to get the tickets? Then read the following lines.

TicketWorld (Events, Sports)

You will get tickets for almost any event in Manila from TicketWorld. You can either go to their website and buy from there or visit any of their outlets all over the city. They also have group sales and a lot of information about those events on their website.

Ticketnet (Events, Sports)

Ticketnet sells tickets in particular for events in the Araneta Coliseum. Go to their website or visit one of the outlets in SM Malls or in Araneta Center.

SM Tickets (Events, Sports, Attractions)

SM Tickets offers tickets for concerts, sport and cultural events in SM venues like the Mall of Asia Arena, the SMX Convention Center, and the various SM Malls. Moreover, you'll get tickets for several family attractions here, such as bay cruises, zoos, and amusement parks. You can book online or go to one of the outlets, which can be found in almost every SM Mall.

Sureseats and SMCinema (Cinema, Movies)

If you want to make sure that you have tickets for your favorite movie but don't have time to be at the cinema early to buy the tickets, you can buy movie tickets online for the Ayala Malls here and for the SM Malls here.

OLX (Misc.)

If the tickets cannot be found on one of these websites or they are already sold out there, try OLX. People resell tickets there for example because they can't use them or they bought group packages or for whatever other reasons. However, be careful to buy only from trusted sellers (check the ratings), as some people also sell fake tickets.

Normally, if you buy the tickets online, you still have to pick them up at one of the outlets. So sometimes it make might sense to just buy it directly at one of the outlets.

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