Metro Manila · Shopping (Malls, Groceries & more)

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There are a lot of places in the Megacity where you can have the perfect shopping experience - and in some you can even do the groceries and go shopping the latest clothes at once. For the latter category, have a look at our section on selected Malls in the Megacity. This section features stand-alone supermarkets, shopping centres, and stores which offer a wide range in goods as well as a great shopping experience.

When shopping outside the usual malls, it is recommended to have enough cash in your pocket or your credit card to withdraw at the nearby ATMs. Most shops will either only accept national issued credit and debit cards or only accept cash. It is therefore the recommended means of payment when you are going to do the groceries or shopping for clothes etc. For further information, have a look at our money and finance section.

Since a plastic ban has been implemented in Makati and many other other cities of Metro Manila, bringing your own bags is recommended when doing the groceries. Some grocery stores in the respective cities only give out paper bags without handles, while others use biodegradable plastic bags but they will charge you for a small amount for it.