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San Agustin Museum in the walled city of Manila sits right beside San Agustin Church --a popular venue for church weddings in the country. Exploring the museum for a small fee can be a delightful way to look back in time and learn more about Philippine heritage, history, and art.

The San Agustin Church was designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1993. The adjacent monastery was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt as a museum in the 1970s.

A huge bell weighing 3,400 kilograms greets one at the museum entrance. It was taken down from the church’s belfry in the year 1927 and that it was damaged from an earthquake that hit Manila in 1863. Every step into the museum is akin to a walking into a different time period and having a sense of what life was like then. The items in its hallways, paintings and wooden sculptures, often display price tags on them.

The concrete staircase going to the second level of the San Agustin Museum gives one a feel of being inside a centuries old dwelling – the walls beside it decorated with old paintings. On this floor, one can see the courtyard through stained glass windows. One can also find a scale model of the San Agustin church along with galleon ship replicas, vestments, and paintings that depict clergymen of old and different churches in the country.

While one’s reverie will be disturbed by the occasional laughs of students on a museum visit, nothing will distract museum visitors from admiring the view from the church’s choir chamber. The ceiling is painted intricately in various hues of gold, brass, copper and silver –each design made to look three-dimensional. The choir seats are wonderful to look at too –their elaborate carvings reminding visitors of old Philippine and Spanish craftsmanship. This area also houses a centuries old pipe organ.

Location & How To Get There

San Agustin Museum
Beside San Agustin Church, General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila

Open from 8am to 6pm.