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Pica-Pica and Pulutan are terms for Philippine finger food. It is usually fatty, salty, and delicious, just the right snack to keep your stomach in balance during a long night out in Manila's bar scene.

You will hardly find a bar in the Philippines without a decent selection of pulutan, best enjoyed in combination with buckets of ice-cold San Miguel beer or rounds of Tanduay rum. Like many Philippine dishes, pica-pica is meant to be shared and usually comes in plates for the whole table.

Typical dishes are:

Chicharron: crunchy, deep-fried pork rinds or intestines. This is as fatty as it can get. For better taste and digestion, you have to dunk each piece in spicy vinegar before eating it.

Sizzling Sisig: sizzling sisig consists of small bits of pork (there are also other meat and seafood versions), marinated in vinegar or other sour sauces, and served on a scalding hot plate that keeps the dish sizzling long after it has been served. Its vapor might irritate your respiratory tract in the beginning, but it also gives you a taste of the delicous flavor of sisig.

Fried Seafood: as the coast is never too far in the Philippines, many bars serve big plates loaded with deep-fried fish, shrimps, and calamares for very little money.

BBQ Sticks: usually chicken or pork, marinated in sweet and/or spicy sauce and then grilled. Sometimes it is made of standard meat, sometimes of intestines, chicken feed and similar overlooked body parts.

Other popular pica-pica and pulutan are buffallo chicken wings, roasted nuts, lumpia, and other international finger food.


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