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If you have this need for speed but don't wna to travel outside of Megacity Manila to race, head to City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati.

City Kart Racing started over a decade ago but was forced to close shop in 2008 due to a construction on the service road. It reopened in 2009 at Glorietta's Park Square in Makati and operated undisturbed until 2013 when another construction halted its operations. City Kart Racing would later move to Barangay Carmona in Makati where it is still located today. 
Owned and managed by Jean-Marc Freihuber, City Kart Racing has a 700m circuit. Freihuber, equipped with over 30 years of experience in the business, designed the race track himself. 

The design is a combination of “quick, straight” and technical to ensure safety of the kart drivers while maintaining the excitement of speed racing especially for the pro. “Our aim is both recreational and educational,” he says.

Among the many things that make City Kart Racing stand out is that it is the only race track in the country where you will find a tunnel and a bridge. “I like to do 3D. That's the trademark of City Kart,” says Freihuber.

Freihuber also made sure that City Kart Racing will have hints of popular race tracks in the world, like the Spa in Belgium. The right turn going up and turning right is a reference to the turn called Eau Rouge in Belgium. Going down the bridge, there's this hairpin turn of sorts that you can find in the race track of Monaco. Freihuber aptly dubbed the turn as Monaco. He inserted a chicane as well.

“Our track meets the necessary requirements to ensure your safety and pleasure. The track is fun and technical with all types of corners, slow, fast, average, and is accessible to everyone from beginners to experts!” says Freihuber.

City Kart Racing follows the European standards of safety. “There are other kart racing circuits in the country but we claim very highly that we are the safest by far.”

There are three types of karts that are available for adults and teenagers: 4 stroke 200 cc funcarts, 4 stroke 200 cc prokarts and 4 stroke 390cc Superkarts with impressive power. Meanwhile, the youngsters who are at least 4 feet tall, can use the 4 stroke 120cc kiddie karts and the 160cc kiddie rockets. Speed addicts can try the 2 Strokes.

Equipped with state-of-the-art racing gadgetry and machinery, City Kart Racing allows everyone to have a friendly competition with either themselves or friends through their lap times that are recorded real time and uploaded immediately to their Facebook account, for instance. How so? Every kart has a small radio transmitter which gives off its own signal each time it crosses the white lines on the track, where the antenna is.

Freihuber recommends guests to download the City Kart application on their Apple or Android devices for updates on the company activities and performance of their fellow kart racers.
For Android Download The City Kart Racing App Here 

For Apple Downlad The City Kart Racing App Here

About 12 to 15 people can race at a time on the City Kart circuit.

Other amenities and facilities at City Kart include the lounge area, where the Pif Paf bar is set up, as well as conference and VIP rooms. In the lounge area, comfy seats are everywhere, ensuring everyone –-friends, families, or lovers –has their little corners. There are high tables facing the race track, too.

Being in Makati, Freihuber is specially proud that there's no traffic going to City Kart and that they have a spacious parking lot.

Comfort food like sandwiches and burgers as well as regular and premium drinks are served at the lounge area.

Some of their regular activities include clinics for kids and adults.

“City Kart Racing is for people who just want to have fun,” says Freihuber. “For expats, City Kart is really safe, exhilarating and very accessible.”

Location and How to Get There

City Kart Racing, Circuit Makati, Barangay Carmona, Makati City
Tel: (0917) 447 1060

The website is currently under maintenance as of November 28, 2016. According to the homepage, City Kart Racing is building a more interactive website. For inquiries, it is best to call the mobile number indicated above. 

Opening Hours: Mon to Thurs, 3 to 11pm; Fri to Sun, 10 am to 12 midnight.

Fees: P620/person inclusive of 12 minutes of race, rental of suits, helmet, use of the kart, use of the marshall and mechanic. A registration of P160, which is good for one year, is required.

City Kart Racing