Metro Manila · Bureau of Immigration Offers Alien Registration To Overstaying Foreigners

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Did you forget to renew your tourist visa? Do not worry; the Bureau of Immigration can fix that with their alien registration program. 

The Bureau of Immigration launched a new Alien Registration Program in 2014. The program started October 1st, 2014 and ends on September 30th, 2015, according to officials of the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

During a 2014 interview, Siegfred Mison of the Bureau of Immigration, advised foreigners that BI has 43 immigration offices across the country where overstaying individuals can register.

Mison also said that those who will register in the agency’s program will not face deportation provided that they are not facing any criminal charges.

Not An Amnesty

The bureau stresses that the registration is not an amnesty program that will give overstaying individuals blanket authority once registered. Overstaying foreigners who do not register and are caught by immigration officials will likely face deportation according to the BI.

Grounds for Blacklisting

Based on ADD-01-005, a memorandum order issued by the bureau in early 2001, foreign nationals can be blacklisted when he or she disrespects symbols of Philippine authority. Foreign nationals found undesirable are deported. The process is said to be summary for undesirable foreigners who are outside of the country and are immediately included in the blacklist. Immigration officials note however that foreign nationals included in the blacklist may contest being included in the list by filing a request to the Immigration Commissioner.

How To Register

Overstaying foreign nationals should visit any Bureau of Immigration branch. The Manila office is located at Magallanes Dr, Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila. You can also call 632 527 3248 for more information or visit their website.