Metro Manila · Brasilipinas 2015: the beat of the Brazilian Carnival in the Philippines

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Brazilians know how to celebrate wherever they go. The yearly Brazilipinas is a big Rio-style carnival party in Makati, bringing together Megacitizens from Brazil and the Philippines with samba music, capoeira performances, and traditional finger food.

Every year, millions of tourists arrive at the airports of Brazilian cities to enjoy the most famous event of the country: the Carnival. A festival known for the four days of parties non-stop, loud music, high summer temperatures, few clothes, liters of alcohol, sex and alway lots of fun.

In the Philippines, where the Brazilian community is growing year-by-year, Carnival could not simply pass by. “I always expect to find a Brazilian party wherever there are Brazilians”, said Thales Henrique Yudi Noleto, a 24 year-old Brazilian. He is a first-time Manila visitor who arrived in the Megacity just in time for Carnival.

On February 27th, Rockwell Tent in Makati hosted once again a big celebration. Organized by the Escola de Brasileira Capoeira and sponsored by well-known Brazilian flip-flops brand Havaianas, the event aims to bring together Brazilian and Philippine culture.

Despite the geographical distance, the two countries have more similarities than one would imagine. Hot weather, a laid-back lifestyle and hospitality are characteristics commonly found in both countries. It is estimated that several thousand Brazilians are residing in the Philippines, mainly in Metro Manila – models and football players as well as missionaries and students.

Philippe Metz, a 24 years old French citizen who chose Brazil as his nationality by heart after having lived in Porto Alegre, describes Brasilipinas as a great opportunity to meet the Brazilian community in the country. Philippe was so eager to attend the Carnival event in Manila that he even rescheduled his trip to Puerto Galera.

At the event, authentic Brazilian finger food such as “coxinha de frango” and “bolinho de carne” were served, while the performances of capoeira (traditional sport and fight), bateria (percussion) and samba music are performed on stage to the delight of the audience.

Saving the best for the last, the DJs Luane de Lima and Romeo Cavalcante, both Brazilians, would not allow the party to finish without a hint of Rio de Janeiro´s Funk music, a rhythm that has spread all around Brazil during the last decade.

Summing up the concept of this event, as it is mentioned in one of the Funk lyrics sang on stage: “Eu só quero é ser feliz” (I just want to be happy).