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PhilPost is the government-owned national postal service. You can find the nearest office via the company's homepage. Just walk into the establishment and tell the person at the counter where you would like to send whatever you are holding in your hand. PhilPost is good for the delivery of national mail or international mail and postcards. However, for important documents as well as parcels, you might want to look for an alternative among the global players.

The Philippine Post Office also known as PHLPost has a long history. Its very first post office was established in the capital in 1767 and was organized under Spain’s new postal district in 1779 covering the whole of the capital and the rest of the archipelago. By 1783, overseas mail coming from the islands was sent through Spanish ships traveling eastbound through Mexico. It is among the oldest postal services in Asia.

A series of developments happened from 1837 to 1902 and by 1922, the Philippine Post Office finally became part of the Universal Postal Union as a sovereign entity. Four years later, the central post office building located in Manila was completed. The building was destroyed during the war though but was rebuilt in the year 1946, a year after the war.
Today, the Philippine Post Office is still standing and now has numerous branches around the country. In the year 2000, the post office started computerizing and modernizing its system to improve its service.
Megacitizens who would like to send a parcel home can go to any post office. The government-owned entity offers relatively lower prices for sending parcels.


  • Domestic Mail Service
  • International Mail Service
  • Postal Money Order
  • e-Post Shop
  • Express Pouch Service
  • Unaddressed Advertising Mail Service (UAMS)
  • Business Reply Service

Philippine Postal Corporation

Central Post Office Building, Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila City