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The Greenhills Shopping Center is a shopping paradise. It is more crowded, smaller and busier than other malls, in some areas making you feel more like being in a bazaar. But if you love shopping – or you are looking to get your hands on some nice pearls – Greenhills is the place to go. 

About the Mall

The mall built in the early 1960s was meant for the upper class residents in the area. Today Greenhills does not come close to any of the upscale malls in Metro Manila in terms of architecture and general feel but it has maintained its popularity through the years. Greenhills Shopping Center located in the city of San Juan houses over 2000 stores. It also hosts its own chapel and a prayer room for Muslims.

The Greenhills Shopping Centre consists of several different smaller and interconnected malls. These malls offer a variety of shopping experiences, paired with entertainment and enough fast food and coffee to finish a day's shopping spree.

To Megacitizens, Greenhills is well known for two reasons: buying pearls and cheap gadgets. While we can recommend going to Greenhills to buy pearls, gadgets are a different story. If you are looking for a cheap gadget, go ahead. Please be reminded that several things you can buy here might not have come there in an entirely legal way. If you are looking for first hand products with guarantee, it's better to visit a regular electronics or gadget store in one of the more upscale malls.

Location And How To Get There

Ortigas Avenue, San Juan


Greenhills is located near the EDSA-Ortigas Hotspot. The best way to go there is not during rush hour. If going there, conveniently take a cab, as there are taxi lines which allow you to go back by taxi – and it is not that far from the business district. If you are living in Alabang or somewhere else in the south, however, consider taking your own car, as Greenhills is far away and it will be difficult to find a taxi driver willing to drive this distance.

Greenhills is highly popular in the weeks before Christmas. Expect heavy traffic in the area and long taxi lines with waiting times of up to two hours or so during the weekend. 

Guide for Megacitizens

Store List

Find dining places here.

Find their store list here.

Taxis Line and Parking

Parking is available. The taxi lines are at Annapolis car park and on the other side, parallel to Ortigas Avenue behind the steel parking.
One must note that it is often difficult to get a cab coming from Greenhills Shopping Center especially once the malls are closed or when there is a lot of rain. There is one GrabTaxi station in the area where you can book your ride.  

Movies and Entertainment

Movie schedules

Mall Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm

Friday to Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm