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Doing the groceries in Manila means visiting either one of the supermarkets inside the shopping malls or going to a stand-alone one equally big. There are also smaller grocery stores in Metro Manila that serve villages and communities in the area. These grocery stores usually have basic items in their inventory. However, if you want to buy imported goods because you miss having them, going to one of the following supermarkets is probably the best idea.

SM Hypermarket

SM Hypermarket is a well-stocked branch of supermarkets which includes some basic clothes in addition to the usual offering of canned and fresh fruits and meat and every-day items. Within the Hypermarket there are usually also smaller food stalls, Bayad Centers (payment centers for bills) and liquor stores. You can also find stores there selling load for your mobile phone. See here for a complete list of services that can be availed from the SM Hypermarkets.

Visit the SM Hypermarket Website for more information.

Market! Market!

Market! Market! became popular among buyers thanks to its unique blend of the variety of a Sunday flea market and the comfort of being in a mall. It also is a kind of outdoor supermarket as you can avail of bakery products and food and beverages from all over the country. There are themed retail zones, a fruit and flowers market, and a regional food and hawker's area. The outdoor market has over sixty vendors selling mostly flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and grains. An array of shops showcases apparel, shoes, bags, novelty items and even electronic appliances. It is conveniently located next to the Market! Market! Mall and near Bonifacio High Street.


Puregold sees itself as 'customer-orientated Hypermart', offering a wide range of products including groceries and household appliances. It regards itself as a one-stop shop, trying to feature such a wide selection of different products that you won't have to go to another store anymore.

For further information, have a look at its website.

Rustan's Supermarket

The 16 Rustan's supermarkets in Metro Manila are popular among expats, thanks above all to quite a wide selection of imported goods that are only available here, e.g. products of the British brand Waitrose. Rustan's also offers a range of organic and healthy food options. In many branches you find stalls selling specialties such as cold cuts, cheese, and fresh bread. Most of Rustan's branches are located in rather upscale malls or inside gated communities. Here is a list of all branches.

Have a look at Rustan's website for further information.


Shopwise completes the list of stand-alone supermarkets where you can go to do your daily or weekly groceries. Shopwise features groceries and other products to a good price, with a lot of discounts at any given time. As a pioneer of the hypermarket concept, Shopwise has been in the Philippines for almost fifteen years now and attracts a high number of visitors due to its quality of products and shopping-friendly environment.

For further information, visit its website.

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In 2013 Makati City implemented a plastic ban, prohibiting the use of plastic, Styrofoam and other non-biodegradable materials as packaging for food and other products. Most other cities in Metro Manila enforce similar laws or are about to do so.