Metro Manila · Tornado In The Metro: What Should You Do?

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On August 14, 2016, Manila was hit by a tornado, ripping through at least 300 homes. What should you do should another tornado come your way?
We will teach you how to identify a tornado and give you tips on what to do during its wake. 


On August 14, at least 300 homes in Metro Manila were damaged by a tornado. The tornado, according to local government units, were brought about by bad weather.

It passed through Lawton, Intramuros, and Sampaloc on Sunday destroying many homes and shocking residents of the Metro Manila area.

Tornadoes in this part of the world are quite rare and many Megacitizens do not know what to do if it hits a part of the country.  

Key Signs Of A Tornado

To know if a tornado is about to form, you should take a look at persistent rotation in the clouds. If you see this rotation, you would also be able to see a funnel at the cloud base. Should you not see a funnel in the clouds, take a look at what is going on below it. You must go to a safe location once you see whirling debris or dust on the ground.

Heavy downpour followed by an intense wind shift often results to a tornado so be alert and pay attention to what is going on outside.

Tornadoes are quite noisy and their rumbling don't fade away that fast. This should already be a warning to anyone in the area. If you hear this rumbling, be ready and follow the tips below: 

What To Do Before And During A Tornado 

If your area is under a tornado warning, it is imperative to seek shelter immediately.

Those who live in buildings made from light materials are advised to evacuate the area to look for a safer location. Sturdy buildings are your best bet but if you can't find one, it is best to call the city or municipal hall to ask for information on where you can go.

Should you be caught in a tornado while inside a building, go to a windowless room at the lowest floor possible. You should be safe there.
It is ideal to lie flat on the ground with your face down once the tornado hits. Protect the back of your head while in this position.

If you are inside a car and the tornado is visible but relatively far away, drive out of its path. Should you be caught in one while inside your car, it is advisable to do the following:

  1. Park your car in a safe location
  2. Keep your seat belt on
  3. Cover your head with a pillow or blanket if you have these items in your car
  4. Duck your head below the windows

You can also get out of the car and lie flat, face down on the ground.

What To Do After A Tornado

  • Stay away from power lines 
  • Avoid broken glass and other sharp items
  • Stay out of buildings damaged by the tornado because there is a possibility that they'd collapse
  • If there are people who are injured, try to help within your capacity. If you cannot provide first aid, wait for emergency personnel to arrive. You can call 911 for emergencies while you are in Metro Manila or other parts of the Philippines.
  • Remain calm