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You lost your phone and/or wallet or somebody stole your valuables? tells you what to do next, and what preventive measures you can take to save yourself from as much trouble as possible.

Lost or stolen Cell Phones

Postpaid Phones

For postpaid phones, you should call your phone company to have your number temporarily disconnected:

For Smart Communications, the number is 888 via cellphone or (02) 888-1111 via land-line .

For Globe Telecom, the general hotline is (02) 730 1000.

For Sun Cellular, call 200 via cell phone or (02) 395 8000 via land-line.

The customer service will also let you know what to do next.

Globe users can avail of Globe Gadget Care when they sign a postpaid contract. It is an insurance that covers damage, theft, and robbery.

Prepaid Phones

If your prepaid phone gets lost or stolen, the new "owner" will probably just throw away your SIM card. Fortunately, you can still retrieve your old number. You have to get an affidavit of loss from a notary public or, if the phone was stolen, a police report. Bring the document to the nearest store of your phone company, together with a valid ID and evidence that it was actually your SIM card. The best proof is to keep the credit card sized casing new SIM cards come in.

It can take several days before your prepaid card can be replaced with the same number.

Smart Communications also provides guide lines on their website on what to do when your phone was stolen.

Lost Wallet

You should only keep those documents in your wallet that you really need. If you are a foreigner, never bring you passport along if it is not necessary. If you lost it, you have to apply for a new passport, perhaps only a temporary one, at your embassy. Do not carry around any centralized ID from your home country. In a foreign country, it is usually not more valid than a simple company ID, drivers license, or any other ID anyway.

Let the respective departments or organizations which issued your lost IDs know about it as soon as possible and apply for new ones. Always keep photocopies of your important IDs at home, it will make the re-issuance easier.

Do not carry around too much cash within Metro Manila. For less than 2,000 pesos you can eat, drink, and ride a cab the whole day long in the Megacity. For bigger purchases, better use your credit card or withdraw the money right before the transaction.

If you had a credit card in your lost or stolen wallet, calling the credit card company is one of the first things you should do. They will block your card and can provide you with an emergency replacement card.

For Visa Card, call 1800 1441 0015.

For Master Card, call 1800 1111 0061.

Going to the Police

You should only go to the police if you need a police report, e.g. to apply for a new ID or SIM. The chance that they will find your valuables is close to zero, and some policemen even expect bribes to properly process your request.

It might help to bring along a person of a certain authority, such as a lawyer friend, to ensure a hassle-free report. 

Here is a directory of the police stations in the National Capital Region.


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