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Shopping malls all over the Megacity function as a meeting point for Metro Manila residents and those who go to the city for a short visit. For many people living in the city, malls can be regarded as a important part of daily life.

There are many malls in Metro Manila and they are scattered or sometimes sit side by side in many of the metro's major corporate hubs. From the more quiet parts of Quezon City to Muntinlupa, one would find at least one mall in the area.
In recent years, malls sprouted like mushrooms and are often part of developments that link these shopping places to hotels or corporate offices. Each of these establishments house boutiques, coffee shops, bank branches, restaurants, payment centers, flight booking centers, and even dental offices. Malls in Metro Manila are usually one-stop shops for Megacitizens where one can have their laundry done, where one can wine and dine, buy clothes or groceries, do bank transactions, have clothes altered or shoes fixed, and can even be a place where one attends mass. Shopping malls are not just for shopping and most of the time, these malls even function as shelter for those stranded in the rain or those who do not want to brave Manila traffic during rush hour. 
For many Filipinos in the capital, malls are the destination of choice for entertainment. Aside from cinemas, some malls even have karaoke bars, gaming centers, and computer shops.
They also range from the upscale to the mid-range to the ones that cater to the masses. If you love shopping, this Megacity is definitely the place to be. 
Malls offer a variety of services, including but not limited to:

  • Shopping
  • Supermarket
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Coffee Shops
  • Children's Playground
  • Internet/ Printing/ Office Shops
  • Cinemas/ Arcade Areas
  • SPA/ Beauty Salon/ Hairdresser
  • Bars and Pubs

Of course all Malls are different, see here for details and featured Malls inside our HotSpots. Most of the Malls are air-conditioned and have security guards present at all entrances and exits. The usual opening hours are 10 am - 9 pm, the supermarkets inside open a bit earlier than 10 am and the cinemas and bars close long after 9 pm. The Malls are also equipped with parking spaces for your private car and have a taxi station where you can get a cab. Especially during busy times or after the closing hours of the Mall, it might take some time to get a cab.

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