Metro Manila · Makati - A Smart City?

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During the Asia Pacific Week in Berlin (Germany) Manila - more particularly Makati City - was represented by no one less than the the Honourable Vice President Binay. The topic was Makati City as a Smart City.

The event held in the Foreign Affairs Office was led by the Ambassador of the Philippines to Germany Maria Cleofe R. Natividad and the embassy's representative for economic affairs. The Vice President then presented on the fast progress and development of Makati from a small city to the busy financial center of the country.

Binay elaborated on how Makati is on its way to become a smart city, already having linked all government databases, using electronic jeepneys and using Twitter to inform the people about traffic updates. While all of this still points more to an elaborate implementation of electronic governance rather than a true smart city, the preconditions are certainly in place to further develop Makati into a smart city.

Smart cities are the up and coming topic for every Megacity as they make extensive use of information- and communication technologies in order to consolidate information and convert them into services and advise for citizens. One example mentioned during the Trust in the Digital World Forum in Brussels (Belgium) last May was the following: Consider everyone has sensors in the bed that measure how well the sleep of each person in a neighbourhood is. Then, all those information are collected and before people get into their cars to drive to work a billboard will show '30% of this neighbourhoods population did not sleep well last night – drive carefully!'.

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