Metro Manila · 'Girlie Bars'

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Some bars are easily to spot as 'Girlie Bars', in others you accidentally end up while actually looking for something else. Either way, here is a word of advise.

Note: We DO NOT promote any businesses which can be subsumed under the label 'Girlie Bar'. Please also note that prostitution is ILLEGAL in the Philippines. This article shall simply serve the inexperienced Megacitizen as a guide on how to not end up at the wrong places.

A Girlie Bar is usually a bar where you pay for the company of a lady. Her task is to keep you amused and buying yourself drinks and special 'lady drinks' for her. If you want to get an idea what this is all about, buy a good old fashioned book: Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

The easiest way to figure out if you are really in a KTV bar or not is to ask. It is always advisable to ask beforehand. Gambling outside of officially registered casinos is illegal. You should also not wear any jewellery, your passport or things you like to keep until the next morning. In most bars it is prohibited to ask the girl you are talking to, to go to another bar or somewhere else.

We do not provide any names or detailed locations of any of those bars.