Metro Manila · 21 Vacation Hacks Megacitizens Should Know About While Travelling Around The Philippines

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Planning to travel around the Philippines? You will need these smart travel hacks to avoid stress during your Philippine adventure. Smart vacation hacks numbers 9 and 20 are crucial.

Travelling around the Philippines is an adventure like no other but sometimes, even the greatest of adventures can be a bit stressful. These smart vacation hacks will make your trip easier.


1. Line your luggage with a garbage bag


If you are using a bag that can get wet pretty easily, it is best to line it with a garbage bag. You would have to do this if you will travel by boat at one point in your journey. When you’re done packing, you should also cover your clothes with another garbage bag. Gadgets and other sensitive items should be put inside ziplock or plastic bags.


2. Bring plastic bags


Bring a few plastic bags for dirty laundry. We are quite sure you would need to pack some dirty shoes, wet clothes, and the like when you go back to Manila.


3. Bring a towel


If you booked a nice hotel, you don’t have to bring your own towel but if you will be staying at a transient house, it would be best to bring one with you. If you think this is too bulky, just pack an absorbent shawl.

4. Roll, don’t fold

You probably already heard this before but we included this smart hack in case you have forgotten about it somehow. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space in your luggage.


5. Use straws for shampoo, conditioner, etc.


If you like buying big bottles of shampoo, lotion, and conditioner, you probably always find yourself looking for smaller containers whenever you travel. There is no more need to though because if you have straws, you will be fine. They are handy containers for travel-size portions of shampoo, conditioner, and the like. All you need are straws and a lighter.
For grocery items, take a look at this helpful link.  


6. Put your favorite soap in a washcloth


Not a fan of the soaves hotels provide? Just pack your favorite soap and fold it in a washcloth. Bring a washcloth for soap that is still in its original packaging - the box won't be able to hold it for long once the soap is wet.


7. Shower caps and shoes go together


There is no more need to use plastic bags for your extra pair of shoes. Use a shower cap instead. This trick saves space and looks tidier too. But once you've used your extra pair of shoes, you would need to use one of those plastic bags. Refer to smart hack #2. 


8. Bring a lot of sunblock


The Philippines is one of the sunniest places on Earth and we are quite sure you’d be quite burnt on your first day in the countryside. It is advisable to bring a lot of sunblock.
You don’t want to be stuck in an island somewhere without sun protection. Trust us; some places do not have stores nearby and if there are stores, we cannot guarantee that they carry any sunblock brand. 


9. Get a notebook and write down itinerary details and important numbers


Sure you have reliable Internet connection in Megacity Manila but once you get to the boondocks, your signal will turn into an imaginary friend who doesn't really want to talk to you and as a consequence, Google won’t be able to help you if you get lost.
Don’t rely on your Internet. Write down every single detail about your itinerary. This should include the address of your hotel, the name of bus terminals, and all emergency numbers.
Warning: Don’t jot all of these down on a small piece of paper though. Make sure you write everything down on a small notebook so it doesn’t get misplaced that easily.


10. Bring a Filipino-English dictionary


While most Filipinos speak English, it is best for you to have a dictionary with you. This will come in handy if the person you are talking to is confused about an English term. It also makes it easier to ask for directions if you know a few Filipino phrases.

Some examples from us: Saan po ang ______? (Where is ________?) Paano po pumunta sa _______? (How do I get to _______?) 


11. Have the number of a Filipino friend handy


Write this down on that small notebook. In case you are confused on where to go, your Filipino friend would be able to help you or find a way to help you out no matter where you are in the country. Filipinos try their best to help their friends out especially if they know that you are in an area where you don't really know anyone.


12. Don’t forget your USB cables no matter what


We can forget a number of things when we are in a hurry. It’s okay if you forget your shampoo but what if you forget to pack your charger? Oh the horror! You might as well say goodbye to those obligatory selfies for the time being.

Our advice? Pack your USB cables first just in case you forget your charger. You can use your USB cable and charge it on your laptop. If you happen to forget to bring your laptop too, pray to any Philippine deity that the hotel you’d be staying at has television sets with USB ports. You can use these ports to charge your phone and other gadgets.


13. Pack a power strip


Airports do not have enough sockets to accommodate all the cell phones that need some juice. Be a hero and bring a power strip with you. You’d be helping out other travelers and you’d be able to charge all of your gadgets too!


14. Bring an empty plastic bottle


Bring an empty plastic bottle with you and fill it up with water once you get through the check in area. It’s hot in the Philippines, we are sure you’d be thirsty at one point.

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15. Bring a book


Domestic flights are often delayed for a few hours. You don’t want to be stuck in the airport bored out of your wits. This is where a good book comes in.

Take a look at our mall list where you can buy a book.


16. Download hours worth of music


You will likely be stuck in traffic on your way to the airport and might even have to wait longer before you can get on the plane. If you do not want to read while waiting, you would need music to keep you entertained.


17. Bring an extra pair of sunglasses


Remember that time when you left your sunglasses at a restaurant somewhere while you were on vacation? Sunglasses are needed in this country so it is advisable to always have one with you. If you are prone to losing your sunnies, bring an extra pair.


18. Bring a portable charger


If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and your phone is out of juice, your portable charger will come in handy. Portable chargers can save lives especially if you get lost or run into an untoward incident.


19. Bring pool floaties


If you like bringing home items that are fragile, it is best to have floaties with you. You can wrap it around fragile items such as bottles or figurines to protect said items.


20. Scan your passport and other IDs and send it to yourself


It is better to prepare this before you go anywhere. We do not know what can happen out there. You can lose your bag at the airport or misplace your passport. Getting a digital copy of all important documents is a good idea. If you get in trouble, it is best to call your consulate or embassy.


21. Bring an extra bag


You’d likely buy something somewhere during your visit to the Philippine countryside. To avoid having to carry paper bags or plastic bags all the way to the airport, bring am extra bag instead.

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