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Aliw Theater is an entertainment venue near amusement park Star City. It is located right beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 

Aliw Theater, the primary entertainment venue of Star Parks Corporation, is located beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) along Vicente Sotto Street. Designed by businessman Fred J. Elizalde, the theater has hosted a number of local and international concerts, corporate events, and ballet performances.The theater has a distinctively colorful signage with the letters of the word Aliw in different hues. The word means "to entertain" in Filipino

Upon entering Aliw, one would see a 300 square meter lounge. Often used as a venue for exhibits and seminars, this wide space offers strategic spots for displaying merchandise or art. Aliw also features a theater hall that is ideal for social functions. This 765 square meter area of the theater also doubles as a banquet hall for sit-down dinners or cocktails.

The theater itself features a 2,150 square meter seating area that can accommodate 2,358 people. Seats, according to representatives of Aliw, are laid out so that each person in any part of the theater has a good view of the stage. The stage, on the other hand, is over a meter high and is 27 square meters wide making it suitable for any kind of cultural or artistic performances. The theater is also equipped with special entrance and exit areas for performers as well as state-of-the-art equipment for lights and sound.

Aliw offers free parking for theater guests.

Location & How to Get There

Vicente Sotto Street, CCP Complex, Pasay City, Philippines


Tel. (63) 2 832 3713