Metro Manila · Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival (July 26)

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With the Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival the city of Taguig honors its patroness Sta. Ana. Every July 26, the people of Taguig celebrate the festival on the river - a reminder of the old days, when their ancestors' main source of living was fishing.

The festival starts with a kayak race at five o'clock in the morning. Teams of five are riding a kayak, fighting for a cash price for the fastest oarsmen.

The main event of the yearly festival is the boat parade in the early afternoon. Dozens of colorful boats line up and are being loaded with figures of Sta. Ana and boxes of food: exotic fruits such as santol and ponkan, chocolates, and other delicacies. The boat parade is led by the mayor of Taguig, sitting under a pagoda on the first boat. Once floating down the river, the boat crews throw the food into the huge cheering crowd that has gathered on bridges and at the riverside.

The thrown items are partly quite hard and heavy, which is why some of the visitors bring baseball gloves and umbrellas to catch them. Several houses at the riverbank even put up a ply of wood against their windows to avoid damage. Some people throw the fruits back in the boats for fun, some bring them home for merienda, and others share them with friends and family right on the spot.

Sta. Anang Banak Taguig River Festival