Metro Manila · Father's Day 2013 in the malls

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Sunday was family time. The malls are traditionally crowded on Father's day in Metro Manila, as many stores attract shoppers with special sales and activities.

Many malls and department stores in Metro Manila had sales during Father's Day, offering high discounts on men's wear and footwear as well as other 'manly' products, e.g. wristwatches and cologne. There were also a lot of promos to discover in the food courts, such as free refills of beer or coffee for all the dads in the Megacity.

The Galerie Joaquin, located in the shopping mall Podium in Ortigas, was showing the group exhibition 'Respect and Affection: Celebrating Father's Day' (pictured). Several Filipino painters and sculptors were displaying their artworks, often scenes of bonding fathers and children. In a very personal and artistic way they illustrated appreciation of their tatays and of fatherhood in general.

Scheduling the Toy Con 2013 for the same day, Megamall showed that it had not forgotten the kids (after all, they are the ones who make a person a father, right?) and the dads that are still young at heart. The Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention attracted a huge crowd of fanatics, comic geeks, gamers and cosplayers, i.e. people dressed up as characters from anime series, online games, and magic cards.

Toy Con 2013 at SM Megamall

Cosplayer in Toy Con 2013 at SM Megamall