Metro Manila · TOONAMI Inception 2013

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On Sunday, March 24 - the TOONAMI INCEPTION was brought to the Eastwood Mall by Toonami Asia, a popular cartoon network airing animes like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto and other action-oriented shows. Currently, Toonami Asia is airing great cartoon and anime series in Adult Swim network.

While a Sunday always invites families to spent time in the malls, this Sunday was special. It was not only about games and fast food but about more games, more fun and superheroes. The organizers fulfilled every child's wishes by setting up games like shooting the ball, surfing, trampoline, and tug of war. The true heroes of the event however were the children themselves who (together with their parents) prepared and wore their own little superhero outfits! On top of that, La Salle's excellent dance group performed to keep the crowd excited. An extraordinary Sunday for both, children and parents!

TOONAMI Inception 2013 Dance Performance

A very short video of La Salle Dance Group during the TOONAMI event.