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The Cash & Carry Mall is a hidden pearl, especially for those living in the Makati Alternative and International Hotdot and in the Legazpi Hotspot. With a small movie theatre, a supermarket, usual lunch and dining options as well as a bazaar and clothing stores, Cash & Carry is a low price alternative to the Greenbelt and Glorietta malls.

About the Mall

The specialty grocery store Cash and Carry is a wholesale operation with a warehouse atmosphere. The reputable global brand can be found near the South Superhighway in Makati. The wholesale grocery store makes it easy for for food and beverages professionals to get all the things they need in one place and at real affordable wholesale prices. Cash and Carry Makati started its operations in 1974. The grocery store expanded in the early 2000s and opened as a mall in 2007.

In addition to the grocery store, Cash & Carry features inter alia everything you need from computer shops, clothing outlets, repair shops, bank terminals, a Bayad Center (where you can pay for your Meralco bill or your mobile phone bill), furniture and appliances stores and much more.

For the entertainment hungry guests, the mall hosts an Internet shop, a movie theater with two cinemas, and an arcade corner. While you find several restaurants and fast food as well as coffee shops on the first floor, the second floor features a regular mall style food court with several stalls.

Also located on the first floor are spa amenities. From a Chinese drugstore to a massage parlor and a barber shop, you find everything there to get some spoiling time for yourself. You will also find a bazaar corner on the second floor where clothes, branded parfums and sports wear are sold for a very good price.

Cash & Carry has evolved to continue its legacy as one of the most loved malls in the southern part of Metro Manila. It recently brought a new roster of merchants and retailers to its fold to ensure the satisfaction of its patrons. 

Location And How To Get There

You can find Cash & Carry Mall near the Makati International & Alternative Hotdot, just across the South Super Highway near the intersection with Gil Puyat Avenue. The best way to get there is by taking a cab and getting off at the parking of Cash & Carry, or taking one of the numerous buses or jeepneys that operate along Gil Puyat Avenue.

Guide for Megacitizens

Store List

Take a look at floor plans, store locations, and store list here. 

Taxis Line and Parking

Parking is not a problem at all, plenty of parking space is available. You can easily find and take a cab, the taxi line is located in front of Red Ribbon.

Movies and Entertainment

Cash & Carry has an arcade section on the second level, behind the food court.

For movie schedules click here. 

Mall Hours

Monday - Sunday: 10 am - 9pm