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Offering lots of space, greenery, and leisure facilities, Quezon Circle is a popular destination for weekend trips with the family.

General Information

Quezon Memorial Circle is an oval-shaped national park and shrine in Quezon City that features 15.65 hectares of green space. Its landmark is the mausoleum (pictured) of former Philippine President Manuel Quezon, whose surname is also the name of the city where his memorial stands. Inside the monument is a small museum where one can find various Manuel L. Quezon memorabilia.

The park is always full of life during the day, with an average of 8,000 visitors on weekdays, and roughly 12,000 on Saturdays and Sundays. Joggers and cyclists also visit the area to get away from Manila traffic. Families have picnics under the trees too and let their kids go wild on the expansive, colorful playgrounds. This family friendly place is also a favorite spot for teens training for their dance routines and other performance arts they perform in their schools. Other teens meet at the place to do other school projects or meet there just to hang out.
Aside from its wide spaces, Circle also has a number of shops that line its walkways. This includes shops that sell various food items, a number of restaurants, and an area for those who would like to buy gardening tools and plants. If you are fond of light snacks or just something to munch on while you are taking a leisurely walk at the Quezon Memorial Circle, there are roving sorbet vendors and there are also people who sell Filipino merienda favorites the likes of banana cue and camote (sweet potato) cue.

The park has turf grass on its promenades now instead of the asphalt that used to be in its place. The fountain used to be a decrepit part of the Quezon Memorial Circle but was revived by the city government complete with dancing waters and a beautiful light display at night. The pylon also has rays of lights lit at nighttime making it another attraction for those who visit the public park. There are now conference and sports venues at the park including covered courts and a stage. The city government also started the construction of a museum with a 1.5 hectare footprint.

Location And How To Get There

Quezon Memorial Circle is located in the middle of Quezon City. It is the junction of several major roads (namely Commonwealth, Kalayaan, East, Quezon, and Visayas Avenue) and surrounded by the busy Elliptical Road. To cross it, pedestrians can use an underpass at the southern tip of the park, facing Quezon City Hall. It is staffed with roving security guards

There are several parking areas in this park if you are bringing your car. For those who are to ride public transportation to get to Circle, you can get on any northbound bus -most of these buses pass by Quezon City's Elliptical Road. You can just tell the driver to drop you off at Quezon City Hall so you can cross the street going to the park from there. 

Guide for Megacitizens


Entrance to the park is free. 


Traffic is often heavy on Elliptical Road, not only during rush hour but also on Saturday and Sunday evenings, when many Manileños come home from weekend trips. If you plan on visiting the park, it is commended to head home before sunset. 

Going around

By foot or bicycle.


Most food stalls and street food vendors can be found near the playgrounds in the northeastern part of the park. In the southern part there is the Circle Food Complex with following restaurants:

  • Max's
  • Kamameshi House
  • Serye
  • Bacolod Chicken Inasal
  • Tropical Hut
  • Coffeehouse

What To Do

Quezon Circle is great for just strolling around, spending quality time with your kids, or doing some sports.

Among the leisure facilities of Quezon Circle are a bicycle and a go-kart track, a zip line, baseball and football fields, a volleyball and a basketball court, a museum on the history of Quezon City, and, naturally, lots of food stalls and some restaurants. The Circle of Fun is a small but charming amusement park with a Ferris wheel and other attractions. There are also several halls, stages, and an amphitheater for meetings and events. 


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