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This artificial island located off the coast of Metro Manila is a sanctuary for migratory birds.

Freedom Island located off the coast of Metro Manila was formed in 1973. This 175 hectare haven for migratory birds and marine life is also known as the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area. The area, which also includes another artificial island called Long Island, is deemed as a natural shield against the many typhoons that hit the Philippines every year thanks to its coastal mangroves. There is also a lagoon in this haven that serves as an outlet for some of Metro Manila’s major waterways. 

This ecotourism area is home to multifarious biodiversity that functions as the capital’s refuge for 80 types of birds. This includes Kentish Plovers, Black-crowned Night Herons, Siberian Ruby Throats, Curlew Sandpipers, Philippine Ducks, Pied Avocets, and Chinese Egrets.

Because of it being a refuge for birds, the area was declared as a critical habitat in the year 2007.

One of the things that one can do while at the habitat is ride a boat to see the mangroves. You’d also be able to see the reflection of trees and high-rise buildings on the islands' waters –a rarity in the metro. This is also a nice area for bird watching.

Location & How to Get There

Freedom Island Trail (Rail Road), Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines