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A forest in the Megacity? Arroceros, a park dubbed as Manila’s last lung, is an important patch of green in the concrete jungle.

Arroceros Forest Park is a precious patch of green in the bustling metropolis. This 2.2 hectare property that lies near the Pasig River was intended as a haven for those who want to get away from Manila’s busy streets. It hosts a wide array of plant life and is also home to a number of bird species.

Its name, according to experts, means “rice dealers” because the park was once a venue for rice dealers in 16th and 17th century Manila. Malay and Chinese traders also gathered in the area for barter. The property also served as a barracks during the American colonial period and before that, was the site of Fabrica de Tabacos.
After the Second World War, the property was unused making way for vegetation to grow in the area. The city government later bought the property and turned it into a park by adding pathways. It was reopened to the public in the year 2007.

Arroceros Forest Park’s thick vegetation protects visitors from all the noise in Manila. It also serves as a refuge from heat and pollution. If you are right in the heart of Manila and would like to relax in this lush park for a bit, it is a good idea to bring binoculars with you. A number of bird species call Arroceros home. The trees in this park include mango trees, ficus rubber trees, Indian neem trees, narra, and red and white lauan.

You only need to sign the park’s logbook for you to enter the area. No fees are charged.

Location & How to Get There

The park is located on the western part of the Pasig River adjacent to the LRT’s Central Station.

A.Villegas Ave., Manila, Philippines

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