Metro Manila · 10 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint In Manila

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Mother Earth needs your help and every little thing that you do counts. Take a look at our Earth-friendly tips to help you lessen your carbon footprint.

It’s one thing to reduce your carbon footprint when you are reminded about it; it’s another thing to do it every single day. Here at Megacities, we have chosen to reduce our carbon footprint but it would be nice if you join us too. Here are a few ways to help Mother Earth while you are in Manila or anywhere in the world. But before that, maybe you’d like to calculate your carbon footprint. Find out here

1. Go online and save trees

You got that right. We love the Internet and trees. To help save trees and prevent paper wastage, switch to paperless billing and just get them through email. Don’t send letters too unless you really want to write that epic love letter you’ve been meaning to write all these years. If it does not have anything to do with romance, send an email instead.

You can also go online to read the paper instead of buying one. And if you need some things you forgot to buy, you can do that online as well. You would be saving on petrol by doing this and trust us, the planet will thank you for it. Find out more about online shopping here in the Philippines.


2. Get flexible work schedules

If you work for a super cool company that allows you to work from home, by all means, work from home! This is a wonderful way to cut emissions because you would spare the environment of carbon and other pollutants and there’s that bonus of not having to pay for commuting costs anymore. Working from home is something to be thankful for. Just imagine how much traffic you would avoid on a daily basis.


3. Bring a shopping bag every time you shop

In Quezon City, plastic bags are no longer used and those who choose opt for plastic bags at the supermarket have to pay a green fee. To make sure that you do not use plastic or paper bags when you shop, bring a reusable shopping bag instead. 

4. Bike around the metro

It is hot outside but if you can use a bike around your neighborhood instead of using your car that would be great. Biking in Metro Manila is a bit dangerous especially if you bike in the major thoroughfares. However, you can still do this in its many parks

5. Walk

Walking is a good way to stretch those legs and you’d avoid carbon emissions too. If you’re just going to a shop nearby, it is best if you just walk. This is not advisable during the summertime though but there are ways for you to beat the heat to make your Metro Manila walks more comfortable.

6. Carpool

Carpool with friends or family instead of using your own car. Aside from saving money allotted for petrol, you would ease the traffic in Metro Manila. The MMDA, along with other motorists, won’t thank you for it but tell them they are welcome anyway.  

7. Buy local

You are in Manila and it might be time to try the local stuff while you are here. Buying imported items means a lot of fuel was used to get those items to Manila. Online shopping from local online stores is okay though because it has a lesser toll on Mother Earth.

8. Unplug your gadgets

Your gadgets don’t get tired but powering them off completely is good for them and it is also good for the environment. Unplugging your devices saves a lot of energy.

9. Plant a tree or two

Did we mention we love trees? Perhaps one of the most old school ways of giving back to Mother Earth is planting a tree. We encourage you to be old school because it's cool. Apart from being uber cool, you will contribute to the planet by providing shade and oxygen. If you can’t plant a tree because there is no soil in sight in this urban jungle, plant a shrub in a pot. That is 50% less but it's okay. The environment will still thank you for it.

10. Go LED

LED is on of the best inventions ever. Please use it to your advantage and to push for Mother Earth's cause. You will save money on your electric bill and lessen your carbon footprint while you're at it.