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The Megacity is famous for its nightlife. Even though movies such as 'Hangover' were shot in Bangkok, stories like that can easily happen to you in Manila. Of course, Manila also offers more wholesome activities such as billiards, karaoke and going to the movies. Megacities would be nothing without featuring the best bars and restaurants to hang out in within our HotSpots.


Nightlife is a vital part in the life of Filipinos and Filipinas - hanging out with friends, going on a date or get together with your family, there are a lot of occassions to enjoy the city's bars, restaurants and clubs. Whether you go out for dinner, sing your lungs out to favorite songs on the karaoke machine or embrace the dance floor, the Megacity has a lot to offer. Our different HotSpots are offering diverse kinds of nightlife and its worth to check out before-hand where you can find what you are up to.

After Work

The Nightlife after work describes what it usually means to get out of your air-conditioned office and satisfy your craving for a vegetarian pizza and a sub-zero beer - having left a stressful day at work behind you. Usually, there are two things to do after work (if it is not a Friday): having dinner and drinks or singing karaoke - or both. After you leave your office in the Megacity it might be to early to get back home because you might hit the rush hour, because you are hungry or simply because you want to relax a bit and let the work day phase out slowly. In that case we are talking about after work nightlife. A good thing for the Megcitizens is that all the places where a lot of you will work are close to a variety of bars and restaurants - that's why they are called Hotspots.

To pass some hours it is therefore almost customary to grab a bite to eat and swallow it down with a ice-cold drink. Once in a while, and especially for particular occasions such as birthdays, despedidas (farewell of colleagues) and all other events deemed important, it might also be karaoke time. Either before dinner or during dinner, a regular after work schedule has to include karaoke. As to the places to go to, you will always find a good variety ranging from fine dining to cozy, dimly lit pubs.

A Night Out

Hit the bars and clubs and find out what made Manila famous. Experience the nightlife one needs a day off after! Barhopping or clubbing, Manila has it - and a lot of it. In our Hotspots you find the best places for live music, having drinks and going clubbing. The busiest nights in regard to this are Thursdays, Fridays and of course Saturdays. If you are up for this kind of experience, you will rarely find a place that starts getting crowded before 10 pm. The safest way is to have some nice dinner before-hand and then hit your favorite bars or clubs from 11 pm onwards. It will definitely leave you with enough time to enjoy your night out - be it bachelor party, clubbing with friends or dancing with your beloved. The limit is the sunrise which allows you to induldge a traditional Filipino breakfast before heading home in a cab!

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Love beer? We love it too! Take a look at these microbreweries and craft beer joints in Manila and join us in the craft beer revolution.

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No matter if you look for a trusted Hard Rock Café, an authentic English Pub or a noble French Cuisine, the Megacity has it all.

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The Philippine band scene is highly competitive, and the performance of a good band is a fantastic thing to experience! Live music is a very common thing in Manila's bars - here are some of our favorite venues in the Megacity.

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You like to stay up late, even during the week? For the nighthawks of Metro Manila, compiled a list of bars and restos that keep their doors open until the early morning.

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Even though Manila is not anymore as famous for its nightlife as it used to be, there are still awesome clubs where you can dance the night away. In the clubs you'll mostly find an upper class and / or international crowd which moves rhythmically to the latest beats from the United States. As a general dress code, we would recommend smart-casual-sexy. Most clubs also offer reservations for tables where the price is consumable.

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If you see KTV in big letters, you might find yourself singing for the rest of the night. KTV refers to the boxes which are connected to the TV in order to enable you to sing karaoke all night long!

St. Francis Square "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-and-untagged/st.-francis-square/824457-1-eng-GB/St.-Francis-Square_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 St. Francis Square

The Philippines is around 7 hours advance compared to Europe, and almost a day early compared to the US. Those experiencing jet lag need not worry too much about doing nothing in the wee hours of the morning. This Megacity has plenty of establishments that are open 24 hours or until late at night to help you pass the time or replenish essentials.