Metro Manila · 16 Ways To Beat The Heat In Manila This Summer

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Is it getting too hot in Manila? Don't strip down just yet, take a look at this Megacitzen guide on how to beat the heat in the metro this summer.

El Niño has made the beginning of summer almost intolerable in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.  Sources say, it is about to get worse. To survive the heat in Manila, take a look at these helpful tips.

1. Spray pulse points with water

You can spray it all away, experts say but don’t jus spray water just anywhere. You would need to spray water on pulse points like your elbows, behind the ears, and behind your knees to cool the whole body. It is advised that you keep that spray bottle in the fridge so it remains cool.

2. Go to the mall

It is amazing what air conditioning can do and you can take advantage of its powers without spending much. You won't even have to spend a single centavo if you live near a mall because you can just march in there to enjoy the AC. Walking around the big malls of the metro will help you cool off. 

3. Go for a swim

There are no beaches in Manila but there are swimming pools you could visit. Going to a hotel or a sports club for a swim is a good idea this time of year. 


4. Shun the sun for most part of the day

Don’t hate it of course and don’t try to banish it, just stay out of the sun for most of the day to keep your body temperature cooler. If you are out all day, it is best to wear a hat or a cap to keep your crown cool. Experts say that the head’s exposure to the sun increases body temperature. Now that gives “hot headed” a whole new meaning! Try to get under the shade before lunchtime and go out only if needed. It will be relatively cooler by 4 p.m so it is best to go out by then. If you need to run some errands, it is best to schedule them early in the morning.  


5. Swig often

Drink lots of water -the toilet won’t complain. If needed, drink one of those sports drinks filled with electrolytes. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times too just to make sure you can reach for a drink even if you are outside. If you get dehydrated, consult a doctor immediately.


6. Soak your feet in water

If it is really hot, you can soak your feet in cold water to keep your body temperature down. The heat index recently reached 51 degrees C in other parts of the Philippines so it is important to maintain normal body temperature this time of year. If you do not have access to a bucket of water right now, wet a handkerchief or face towel and use it to cool your head and your face.

7. Spend most of your time downstairs 

If you are at home, it is best to spend time downstairs. Warm air rises, scientists say, so we are sure that the upper parts of the house will be hotter than the first floor. 

8. Turn off the lights

Turn off the lights; don’t be afraid of the dark. You do not need to turn on all the lights during summertime anyway because it is relatively brighter this time of year in the Philippines. 

When lights are on, they can raise the temperature inside your house. It is a good idea to turn off appliances as well if you are not using them. Aside from decreasing the temperature indoors, you’d save energy too!


9. Use clothes made from light fabric, preferably in lighter hues

It is best to wear loose fitting clothes made from light materials. The most common fabric you can use this summer is cotton but you can also use clothes made from lightweight linen, rayon, chiffon, silk, jersey, and imitation denim. For more information on where to buy clothes that are perfect for this summer, take a look at our online shopping guide.

10. Strip down to your underwear

You can do this as soon as you get home. The neighbors won't be able to see you anyway because they'd be busy wiping the sweat off their brows.  If you really are tempted to strip down just about anywhere, it may be time to get new clothes. Refer to #9. 

11. Resist #10 while outside

Stripping down to your underwear while you're at the office or anywhere in public is quite tempting during summertime. Don't do it. You don't want a commotion. 


12. Get on a plane and go to a cold place

If you just can't bear the heat anymore, get on a plane and fly to somewhere cold. They say it is nice in Siberia this time of year. If you do not want to go to another country just yet, you can head for Baguio City or Sagada and enjoy the summer without breaking a sweat. 

13. Stay away from the grill

Craving for a nice, smoky barbecue? Don't. Just stop right there.

Don't grill anything right now because the heat will cook you faster than the thing you are trying to grill. If you want some grilled food, visit one of Manila's restaurants instead.  

14. Wear flipflops

Socks are just too hot to wear this summer so trim your toenails and wear flipflops instead. If you really have to wear shoes, wear shoes made from light materials. Canvas shoes are a good choice.

Don't know where to buy flipflops? Take a look at our list here.

15. Eat halo-halo 

Halo-halo is a favorite summer snack in the Philippines and there are no restrictions on how many cups of it you will consume on a daily basis. This will cool you down and give you the sugar needed to run around the metro all day.  

16. Do what they do in the desert

When it gets too hot, you can hang a damp curtain in your window. The evaporating water will help cool the house.