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Slowly but steady Makati is becoming a bit more environmental-friendly. Around the same time as a city-wide ban on plastic-bags was implemented in 2013, the first low-emission hybrid buses have entered the streets. The Green Frog Hybrid Bus runs simultaneously on a diesel and an electric engine. This leads to less noise and 80 percent less exhaust emission, according to the operating company. Good news for the ever polluted Megacity Metro Manila.

The Green Frog Transport Corporation has started in May with only two buses and one route but is planning to expand quickly. The buses operate the 'M1 Route', which leads from LRT/Taft along Gil Puyat Avenue (aka Buendia) to EDSA/MRT, via Kalayaan Avenue to C-5, and vice versa. There are 34 official bus stops on the nine kilometers between the very west and the very east of Makati. A single ride costs 20 Pesos, or 15 Pesos if you purchase the prepaid card, a convenient solution for regular passengers. This is actually cheaper than taking a jeepney for the whole distance.

The buses are easy to spot, as they bear little resemblance to the regular buses on Manila's street. The hybrid version looks more like buses in Western cities. It has low floors, you pay as you enter, the aisle is spacious and there is an exit in the middle. All that makes entering and exiting much more convenient and less stressful than in the regular buses. This comes for the price that there are relatively few seats in the hybrid bus: 27, at a total capacity of 48 passengers. However, there are seats reserved for the disabled, elderly and pregnant people, and lots of support straps for those who have to stand.

The Hybrid Bus operates from 6am to 9pm during the week and from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm on Saturdays. The buses are about 30-40 minutes apart. You can call the drivers to ask them if the bus is near (0917 640 3143 or 0917 640 3148). The next batch of buses is ordered, which will hopefully reduce the interval time to about 10 minutes. And Green Frog is planning on extending its road network in Metro Manila as well.

Already in 2008 the electric jeepney ('E-jeepney') was introduced in Makati. The E-jeepney has proven to be a success story and now operates in several cities in Metro Manila, in Cebu, Iloilo City, Puerto Princesa, Ilocos Sur, and elsewhere. However, there is still a long way to go before conventional jeepneys and buses will be replaced by more environmental-friendly vehicles on a large scale.

Visit the Green Frog Hybrid Bus at Facebook.

Bus Stops of the "Green Frog" Zero Emissions Hybrid Bus:

(Just reverse the order if you are coming from C5 Buting).
Starting at LRT Taft on Buendia (direction east to Makati CBD, C5):

  1. LRT/LBC (Start/End of Line)
  2. Tramo (by E Games by the river).
  3. Bautista (Big red building)
  4. Filmore (by UniOil)
  5. PNR (corner of Cityland across from PNR station)
  6. Roces/CEU by Burgundy Building
  7. Makati Med/Ayala (Tropical Hut)
  8. FEU (by new building called One Central)
  9. Mapua (coner of Reposo)
  10. Makati Ave (before Pacific Star)
  11. Paseo (cor of Paseo and Buendia)
  12. Edsa/MRT (by the overpass, in front of Urdaneta Gate)
  13. Kalayaan: Palawan st (by 32nd st entrance of The Fort)
  14. Yabut Circle (after pedestrian lane, Andoks)
  15. Commercio (after intersection, after pedestrian lane)
  16. Lawton/Gate One.
  17. 11th Av. (PhilPlans building)
  18. Pili (on the bus shelter after overpass)
  19. C5 (at the corner of Kalayaan C5)
  20. C5 Buting (below pedestrian walkway by the loading and unloading station of buses and jeeps. (Start and end of the line)

The ten (10) ride prepaid cards are available from your conductora. The cost P150 + P30 (card deposit). The next card you purchase will cost P150 plus the old card.

Read more about the city-wide ban on plastic-bags (Makati City / Metro Manila)

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