Metro Manila · C-5 (Carlos P. Garcia Avenue)

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C-5 is a 32.5 kilometers long circumferential artery road that connects the north and the south of Metro Manila, which makes it an important alternative to the always-congested EDSA. C-5 is actually a network of roads and bridges that is still being extended.

Name and History

C-5 is short for Circumferential Road 5. Its construction began in 1986, as part of a bigger plan to build 10 circumferential roads in the Megacity. In 1996, all the road segments that form the Circumferential Road 5 together were renamed Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, after the 8th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Different controversies regarding the relocation of poor residents and favoritism for a property-owning senator have delayed a further extension of the road.

Along the road

C-5 roughly runs parallel to EDSA, just a few kilometers east of it. It begins in Valenzuela City in the north were North Luzon Express Way and Mindanao Avenue meet. The road merges into the South Luzon Expressway near NAIA Airport, at the city borders of Taguig and Parañaque. On its way, C-5 also passes the cities of Quezon, Marikina, Pasig, and Makati.

The street allows access to the HotSpots Ortigas and Fort Bonifacio from the east. It passes by the malls Market Market and SM Aura and Eastwood. The universities Ateneo and UP Diliman are also accessible via C-5.

Traffic Situation

The character of C-5 ranges from a winding two-lane street with many intersections and traffic lights in the northern parts to a fully-fledged 14-lane expressway in the south. Thus, the availability of public transport and the traffic situation vary substantially depending on the stretch. In general, C-5 experiences heavy traffic during rush hour, near the adjacent business districts, and at important intersections. Being an alternative to EDSA therefore does not mean that C-5 is necessarily faster or less congested. For updates on the current traffic situation at C-5, you can refer to this link

Driving in C-5 Road

C-5 is the alternative route of EDSA.