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A dainty little house with a lush garden and small terrace in front, tucked away in a side street of Tomas Morato Avenue: welcome to Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Café, one of the first addresses for vegetarian dining in Quezon City.

General Information

Greens is a small and very homey restaurant that serves international lacto vegetarian cuisine, meaning no meat, no fish, no eggs. They also have vegan options. Among the best-selling creations are the veggie beef broccoli, the pasta with fresh tomato and basil, the vegetarian BBQ, and the grilled mushroom and tofu kebabs. Prices are very reasonable, with many dishes at around 100 pesos. They also serve cheesy soy sticks, potato balls with fresh basil and some cheese, among others. 

The restaurant is getting a lot of attention these days thanks to patrons who have keep coming back for their Three-For-All dishes priced at 150 pesos and their tasty vegetarian barbecue. Aside from the vegetarian and vegan dishes that Greens serves, the restaurant also sells a range of organic products from different parts of the country. 

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Since 2001, Greens provides the perfect atmosphere for healthy and ecoconscious dining. It also has a little deli with environmental-friendly cosmetics and cleaning agents as well as some interesting groceries, such as cheese tofu chips, organic cocosugar, and canned vegetarian sausages.

Special Services

Function room.



For delivery, call 87878.

Location & How To Get There

92 Scout Castor, near Tomas Morato Avenue,

1103 Quezon City

Tel: (63) 2 415 4796

Website: Facebook