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Tucked away from Quezon City's more famous nightlife destinations, Conspiracy Garden Cafe maintains a very laidback atmosphere. There's no dress code and one can show up in slippers or flip flops here.

General Information

The quaint little place has a small garden with lamps for lighting. Adjacent to the garden is a small reception area decorated with paintings for sale. Conspiracy is a famous gathering place for many of Metro Manila's artists, who requests the bar to have their paintings hanged on its walls. You can choose to have your beer at the non-smoking or smoking room. On the walls of the smoking are photographs of Filipino personalities --former senators, musicians, actors, and painters --who frequent this Visayas Avenue establishment

The food is good, the servings just right.

Special Services

The venue can be rented for an hour for functions.

The kitchen also serves vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Conspiracy maintains its laidback atmosphere to ensure that customers will feel at home with each visit. The live music is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Location & How To Get There

From Quezon City circle, turn right to Visayas Avenue. The bar is on the other side of the street so ensure to make the nearest U-Turn. Then look for House Number 59. In case you get lost, you can get off along Visayas Avenue and get a tricycle to take you there.

Getting to Conspiracy can be a bit tricky at first because Visayas Avenue is not as well-lit as Tomas Morato but going there is definitely a great experience. The entrance can be likened to a private property where you’d have to walk through a garage to get to the place.

#59 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

Tel:(63) 2 9206 517


Conspiracy Garden Café Band Schedule April 2015

1 (Wed) - Joey Ayala

2 (Thu) - Closed (Maundy Thursday)

3 (Fri) - Closed (Good Friday)

4 (Sat) - Closed (Black Saturday)

6 (Mon) - A-Cause-Tics

7 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/ Classical Guitar Night (9pm onwards)

8 (Wed) - Joey Ayala

9 (Thu) - Jazz Thursday with Rey Infante

10 (Fri) - Ebe Dancel

11 (Sat) - Gimmix

13 (Mon) - Ramiru

14 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/HighTek Productions (9pm onwards)

15 (Wed) - Noel Cabangon

16 (Thu) - Artists Arrest

17 (Fri) -  Color It Red

18 (Sat) - Kaleidoscope Eyes

20 (Mon) -  Songwriters Night

21 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/FilComDeC Night feat, Mimi Andrade, Static Edge Band and other FilComDeC artists (9pm onwards)

22 (Wed) -  Johnoy Danao

23 (Thu) - Beehive Productions

24 (Fri) - Joey Ayala

25 (Sat) - TBA

27 (Mon) - Jaymark Reynon

28 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/Retro Night with Bugslife (9pm onwards)

29 (Wed) - Johnoy Danao

30 (Thur) - PLUS Art Collective

Conspiracy Garden Café Band Schedule December 2015

1 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/ Classical Guitar Night

2 (Wed) - Piano Night with Rica Arambulo

3 (Thu) - KC and the Locals

4 (Fri) - Philippine Toy Library Benefit Show

5 (Sat) - Soundcloud Philippines

7 (Mon) - Choi Gustar

8 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/ Hightek Productions

9 (Wed) - TBA

10 (Thur) - Talahib People’s Music

11 (Fri) - Luna

12 (Sat) - Keiko Necesario

14 (Mon) - Ramiru

15 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/LIRA

16 (Wed)- Noel Cabangon

17 (Thu)- Beehive Productions

18 (Fri)- Joey Ayala (Conspi Anniversary Celebration)

19 (Sat) - Bullet Dumas

21 (Mon) - Songwriters Night

22 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/ Rckabilly Night with the
Rod Mijares Combo

23 (Wed) - Joey Ayala

24 (Thu) - CLOSED

25 (Fri) - CLOSED

26 (Sat) - Plus

28 (Mon) - Jaymark Reynon

29 (Tue) - Writers Night (7-9pm)/ Retro Night with Bugslife

30 (Wed) - TBA

31 (Thu) - CLOSED