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Celadon is the first Thai restaurant in the Power Plant Mall.

General Information

Celadon opened in January 2013 and its modern Thai cuisine quickly became popular among expats and Filipinos alike. It is a sister-restaurant of Simply Thai in Greenbelt.

A must-try are the curry dishes, such as Lamb Curry and Green Chicken Curry. The waiters will ask you for your preferred level of spiciness, so choose wisely. Get it with either a glass of wine from Celadon's international selection or with a cold bottle of Singha, the famous Thai flagship beer. The menu also includes a nice variety of seafood, salads (we recommend the Pomelo or the Catfish Salad) and Phat Thai, traditional Thai noodle dishes.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Every three months, Chef Cheryl Pineda flies to Thailand and purchases the best spices and other ingredients on the markets of Bangkok and the city's outskirts. That ensures every dish comes with the original Thai flavor.

Celadon also has a thai menu that is 100 percent vegetarian.

Celadon serves a nice selection of Thai dishes ranging from Tom Yum Kung, Tom Yum Talay, Tom Khaa Gai, Tom Yum Kai/Pla, stir fried dishes the likes of chicken or pork bamboo shoots in a nice green curry sauce, Pandanus chicken, stir fried chicken with lotus roots, cinnamon pork ribs, gingered pork, Mee Krob, among others.
If you love salads, Celadon serves green papaya salad, grilled caramelized squid with pomelo, and a number of other delectable salads Megacitizens will enjoy.

Celadon does not use MSG. 

Special Services

Vegetarian dishes.

Location & How To Get There

Power Plant Mall, R1 (facing Lopez Drive)

Rockwell Center, Makati City

Tel: (63) 2 898 1305

Website: Facebook