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Queen’s Crystal Garden Restaurant is an authentic Indian and Indonesian restaurant located on Jupiter Street.

General Information

Iff you’re a vegetarian and are tired of looking for restaurants in Makati that serve all-vegetable dishes, going to Queen’s is a wonderful idea. Their Szechuan mock duck for example is mouthwatering and is one of the most highly recommended all-vegetable dishes at Queen’s.

Meat lovers can still enjoy going to the Indian and Asian fusion restaurant, though, because according to the manager, their ultimate best sellers are their Tandoori Capsicum, Kulfi, Singapore Chili Crabs, Chicken Satay and their Reshmi Kebab.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

With a budget of 300 to 600 Pesos you can already have a sumptuous meal at Queen’s. Although the place is an Asian fusion restaurant, Queen's Indian and Indonesian influences are apparently stronger than others which means Indian and Indonesian food lovers will surely enjoy dining at Queen’s.

Location & How To Get There

146 Jupiter Street, Makati

Tel.: (63) 2 895 1316

Website: Facebook