Metro Manila · German Festival meets Manila Night Life

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On March 13 - 16, German cuisine was served in several places over the Metro. Those platters were carefully created by Chef Michael Kruger of Cologne (Germany) and matched with Katipunan Indio Pale Ale. The German Festival meets Manila Nightlife took place in Cravings (Katipunan Avenue branch), Fraser Place (Makati) or LaB Gastropub (San Miguel by the Bay) as well as in C2 Summit Circle Hotel (Cebu), on March 16 - 18.

As German food is not that easy to come by in Metro Manila, our team was eager to participate in the event. This is how the menu read on said event:

  • Kasseler mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelpürree (Salted, smoked pork loin with pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes)
  • Rindergulasch mit Semmelknödeln (Beef Goulash with herb-bread dumplings)
  • Schellfisch in Senfsoße mit Röstzwiebeln und Butterkartoffeln (Haddock in mustard sauce with roasted onions and buttered Potatoes)

The platters were served for 450 PHP each with a bottle of Katipunan beer being 110 PHP.

As expected, the food was delicious and the only regret we had was that the space in our stomach just wasn't enough for all those mouth-watering dishes! Surely, we'll be back next year.

For authentic German food and beer in the Megacity try the German Club (members and company only) or get a taste of Germany at the BAMM.