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Domuschola International School offers world class education closer to home. Find out more about the school and their programme here.

General Information

Domuschola, from the Latin words Domus (Home) and Schola (School), was established in the year 2006 after a clamor among parents that there should be a collaboration between the home and the school to improve grade school education.

The school bridges the gap between the home and the school, according to Domuschola International School (DIS) representatives because they believe that there should be a collaboration between parents and teachers to ensure that the children enrolled at the Domuschola International School get the best education possible. 
Two years after its inception, DIS sent its application to the prestigious International Baccaleureate Organization (IBO) and by 2011, the school became an IB World School.

The school opened its secondary education department in 2012 which means that if you choose to enroll your children in DIS's primary school programme, you already have a school for them after they have finished their primary education.

The school is conducive for individual and collective learning. Class sizes are small to ensure that every child is given enough attention.

DIS has an inquiry-based teaching method to prompt students to formulate their own questions. The place also allows multiple interpretations of concepts and expressions of learning. Learning is often collaborative and encourages group work.

According to DIS, the teachers are internationally, locally, and intensively trained. The teachers are hardworking individuals committed to their jobs. They are also known for being open minded and caring. 

The school adheres to an international curriculum designed for children ages 3 to 12. This is an internationally recognized model known as International Baccalaureate International Primary Years Program (PYP).

DIS teaches through an inquiry-based approached where every student is perceived as a natural thinker and not merely a recipient for information. This approach, according to the school, is the natural way for children to learn and understand basic concepts and skills. Children at DIS are taught mathematics skills, reading, writing, speaking, music, art, and sports. Knowledge in science and social studies are done through real life investigations giving them the chance to have a better understanding of the sciences and social sciences.
The school also uses multiple sources for the kids to learn a range of perspectives instead of teaching just one through one textbook.

DIS also has an international secondary curriculum based on the Cambridge Secondary I Curriculum, the Singapore and New South Wales Curriculum, and the Philippinee K-12 Curriculum.

Location & How To Get There

Domuschola International School (DIS)

#13 J. Cruz Street, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City


Tel. 632 650 3750 to 52 | 632 635 9743 | 632 635 2002

Mobile 63 917 714 2002 | 63 918 947 9002 

Domuschola International School