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Good colleges can be found all over the Megacity. When talking about the Philippine elite colleges, people will often refer to the "Top 4". The Top 4 universities are Manila's finest educational institutions and the best option if you are looking for international college education. Nevertheless, there are some other universities which offer good education.

As a Megacitizen, the following universities can be recommended for college level education:

The Top 4:

University of the Philippines

The University of the Philippines is the country's national university, created and subsidized by the Philippine government. The flagship campus UP Diliman is located in Quezon City. For further information, please read our main article.

Ateneo de Manila

The Ateneo, also located in Quezon City, is a Catholic university run by the Society of Jesus. There are satelite campuses in Rockwell (Graduate School of Business, School of Governance, and Law School), Ortigas (School of Medicine and Public Health), and Salcedo
Village (School of Business).

De La Salle University

De La Salle University in Manila City is also a Catholic school. It is one of the most expensive universities in the country, together with Ateneo de Manila. De la Salle has satellite campuses in RCBC, Makati City (mainly Graduate School of Business), Ortigas (College of Business), Fort Bonifacio, and in Laguna Province (Science and Technology Complex).

University Santo Tomas

UST, another Catholic school in Manila City, was founded in 1611, making it by far the oldest university in the Philippines. It is also Manila´s largest university in terms of enrolled students. 

Other reputable universities: