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There is an abundance of free Wi-Fi spots in Metro Manila especially in the business, shopping and entertainment districts. Take a look at this article here so you know where to find them. We also added tips on online safety while using public Internet access. 


If you work with confidential data, you should generally avoid using public wireless Internet access altogether.

But if you frequently use it, try to connect via Virtual Privacy Networks (VPNs) such as pureVPN or Cyberghost. This will encrypt all your data traffic (e.g. passwords being entered).

Aside from software-based protection, it is also important to protect your gadgets physically. Never leave your gadgets unattended while in a bar or restaurant. Stow your phone, tablet, or notebook away in a bag when traveling and keep the bag close to you.

More tips regarding information security.

Where to find Wi-Fi spots

Coffeehouses the likes of Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Seattle's Best usually have good Wi-Fi connection. Offering free Wi-Fi, according to representatives of these cafes, is part of their business strategy. Many of their patrons order one coffee or tea and spend hours surfing the web or working on their notebook without being bothered by waiters or other guests.

A lot of bars and restaurants have Wi-Fi, too, especially the more upscale ones. Check our list of establishments with Wi-Fi services!

The big fast food chains (McDonald's, Burger King, Chowking, et cetera) sometimes offer Wi-Fi, but that always depends on the branch. Some branches, especially in the upscale parts of the metro, have free Wi-Fi while others don't. 

For almost all decent hotels and hostels in Metro Manila, it is standard to have Wi-Fi, though often only available in the lobby or dining area, not in the rooms. If you rely on it, inquire first before you make a reservation or at the very least, ask for their Internet access charge for their rooms. It is interesting to note that even paid Internet access in some of the best hotels can be relatively slow that's why it is a good idea to ask them about specifics.

There are also whole areas that have Wi-Fi coverage, such as Ayala Triangle in Makati and the four terminals of NAIA Airport. In 2016, the Duterte government improved the Wi-Fi signal inside the country's main airport. The new Wi-Fi can now accommodate up to 3, 000 users all at once.  
All SM Malls and many other shopping malls have Wi-Fi as well, but not necessarily on every floor and in all wings. Most of the time, the Wi-Fi signal is not that strong but if you do find the sweet spot in these places, you'd be able to continue surfing while you do your shopping. 

You can still stay online when you are bus tripping these days, though the connection is often not the best. Many provincial buses (e.g. from Victory Liner and Five Star Bus) are equipped with Wi-Fi, and you will even find it in some city buses. The latter ones you'll recognize by the huge Smart Wi-Fi advertisement on the outside.