Metro Manila · Bayantel [Acquired By Globe]

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Being one of the biggest companies that offer traditional landline services, Bayantel has been a household name in the country. Bayantel or Bayan, however, was recently bought by Globe.

Bayantel is one of the companies in the country that offer traditional landline services. They have postpaid and prepaid services and even offer a wireless landline phone which can be carried around and used on certain local zones (e.g. your whole village). You can make international calls using their services.

Bayantel was bought by Globe Telecom but their former subscribers were not cut off from their services. They were only transferred to the other company.

  • Plans are Basic (599 PHP per month) and Max Plan (699 PHP per month)
  • Subscription Length: One Month
  • How to Sign up: Go to any Bayantel Stall/ Office


Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Bldg., Malingap cor. Maginhawa Sts.,
Teacher's Village East, Quezon City

Or you can call or go to any Globe Center