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'Asia’s first, shining through' is the slogan of Philippines' national airline, Philippine Airlines (PAL). Philippine Airlines is the only carrier accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the Operational Safety Audit (IOASA). It departs from Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines Terminal) to a high number of domestic and international destinations. 

At the moment, PAL is the only Philippine airline with flights to Europe, flying to London since late 2013.

Tickets can be bought from travel agencies and ticket shops as well as online on You can contact Philippines Airlines via (63) 2 855 8888 or

PAL has a frequent flyer program called 'Mabuhay Miles'. For further information email or visit the PAL website.

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Effective July 12, the European Union lifts its airport ban on Philippine Airlines (PAL). In 2010 the EU had blocked all Philippine carriers from flying to its member countries, due to serious safety concerns.