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The motto is: 'Cebu Pacific Air - It’s time everyone flies'. Cebu Pacific is the prime low-cost airline of the Philippines for domestic operations and thus revolutionized flying, offering 'every Juan' (symbolic nickname for a Filipino) the opportunity to fly. The airline also features a growing number of international destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Jakarta (Indonesia) and Singapore.

Cebu Pacific features the youngest fleet of airplanes in the Philippines. It is a budget-airline and therefore you should pay special attention to luggage restrictions and what is included in your fare and what not. Additionally, they serve no free food or drinks, not even on international flights. You can however buy food and drinks from an assortment on board. Tickets are best booked online via Several times during the year, Cebu Pacific announces a 'Piso Fare', where they offer flights for literally a handful of pesos.

The EU lifted an airport ban on Cebu Pacific on April 10, 2014. Almost one million Filipino overseas workers in Europe will be the main target group of the budget carrier. Cebu Pacific has not yet decided which cities it is going to fly to and it will still take until mid 2015 or so before the company will offer flights to Europe.