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As there is no other choice than Meralco, a word of advise regarding electricity consumption has to be given: The Manila Bulletin reported in 2011 that the country has the most expensive electricity in the whole of Asia.

For the price of electricity, see here. If you are not coming from another Megacity located in a tropical country, you should know that air-conditioning consumes a lot of electricity and can bring up your monthly Meralco bill to several thousand Pesos. You can pay your Meralco bill directly via online banking if you have a bank account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). You can also pay at any Meralco Office, at Bayad (payment) Centers inside the Malls or at your local 7ELEVEN shop.

Electricity in the Philippines is usually 220 volts and 60 Hz. The standard plugs and sockets are NEMA 1 and NEMA 5. More and more modern hotels and new appartments have NEMA sockets that are also compatible with the Europlug, the standard plug in continental Europe. If your plugs do not fit, you can get a simple adapter for around 50 Pesos from the next hardware store.

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Today I learned a valuable lesson: always pay your Meralco bill on or before the due date!