Metro Manila · Water Stores & Drinking Water at Home

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Water stores are conveniently located in every barangay (village) and offer distilled and mineral water. These shops also deliver the water in 19 litres bottles including a dispenser at the cost of roughly 40 Pesos. You can also buy bottles without dispenser from these stores, if you have a dispenser at home or, buy a water purification system to always have drinkable water at home.

Water Stores

The water stores go by different names and the best way to find the one closest to you is to ask the person you are renting your accommodation from. They will give you an address and/or telephone number and then you can order water or go there and buy it directly. Those stores are sometimes franchises, as in the case of Aquasoft or Crystal Clear.

Drinking Water at Home

A convenient and reliable alternative is a water purification system that can be installed in your own home. It is directly connected to your household water supply, ensuring you have clean drinking water at any time. The company Lux offers free demonstrations of their purification system at home. For more details and to get into contact with the company, just send an e-mail.